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Consumer Unit Upgrades

The heart of the home.


Also known as fuse boards or distribution boards, their purpose is to distribute the incoming supply of electricity to all the circuits in your property such as lights, sockets, central heating etc.

Back in the 1950's and 60's these boards used to only power around 3-4 circuits as it was the norm to have only one socket and light per room back then! Of course over time we began to rely on many more electrical appliances which has seen the Consumer Unit evolve over the decades too! The original wooden backed boards are now considered a fire hazard, they were replaced with plastic backed boards in the 60s and more recently in January 2016, we saw the amendment (Amendment 3) of the 17th Edition wiring regulations which now states that all Consumer Units fitted in residential properties be made of or enclosed in a non-combustible material, this saw manufacturers launch metal Consumer Units which meet these regulations and are what we fit today.


The 17th Edition regulations also stipulate that unprotected wiring requires 30mA RCD protection. Residual Current Devices (RCD) are switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions, and instantly disconnect the electricity. Where older Consumer Units would disconnect ALL power until faults were rectified, the modern Dual RCD versions split the load and in the event of a fault only HALF of the circuits are lost which is considerably less disruptive.

Safety is paramount when it comes to electrics! Ensuring your electrical system is running efficiently and safely is essential. Non-compliant Consumer Units put you and your family/occupants at risk. Upgrading to a new professionally installed 17th edition RCD protected Consumer Unit will make your home safer, protecting you from the risk of electric shock & electrical fire as well as provide you with complete peace of mind!


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All circuits installed to the new Consumer Unit are tested and visually inspected. There may already be existing faults, unsafe wiring and accessories which will then be brought to your attention. To issue the relevant certification any defects may need rectifying at extra cost.