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Electrical Installation Condition Report and Periodic Testing

If you haven’t had the electrics in your home or business tested within the last 10 years we highly recommend you do so. By carrying out a thorough Electrical Installation Condition Report we can bring your attention to any electrical circuits or equipment that are overloaded, any potential fire hazards and shock risks within your electrical installations and identify any defective D.I.Y works. The test will also advise if/where there is a lack of earthing or bonding and any circuits that require R.C.D protection.

The test will provide an outcome as to where your installation/s are Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and these will be coded as follows…

  • Code 1 Danger Present (Risk of injury, immediate action required)
  • Code 2 Potentially Dangerous (Urgent action required)
  • Code 3 Improvement Recommended

MainSpark Electrical Solutions can then provide you with the guidance as to what remedial works are required to bring all Installations up to Satisfactory level.

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Electrical Test for Homebuyers

A House purchase can be stressful and expensive before factoring in any nasty surprises that can crop up due to Electrics. Having an Electrical Inspection Condition Report before your sale goes through will highlight any potential risks and hazards and by putting you in the picture in regards to what remedial works are required early on will not only save you money in emergency repairs down the line but also ensure that yours and your family’s welfare is safeguarded. 

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Electrical Test for Landlords

When taking on new tenants it is vital that the owner of the building have had the necessary tests carried out on all electrical systems. MainSpark Electrical Solutions have a great deal of experience dealing with a wide range of electrical testing for both domestic and commercial clients.

We provide our clients with a full report that includes information on issues that require immediate action (Code 1), potentially dangerous (Code 2) or if there is improvement recommended (Code 3). While this kind of test is paramount to ensuring the safety and protection of residents within the building but it all protects the landlords from potentially receiving fines or invalidating their insurance.

We will assist Landlords fully to ensure we catch any issues that need rectifying before it creates a bigger problem that could affect the safety of residents and/or could end up costing a lot more to repair later on down the line. We will provide full details of remedial works that are required and ensure everything is explained correctly and clearly.